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Custom video border styling


Embed YouTube and Vimeo videos in your website with great style
and far faster web page loading

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Video slideshow


The slideshow can be based on a YouTube channel, playlist or favorites; or a Vimeo channel or album.


Individual YouTube / Vimeo video embedding with no border styling


For HTML or any CMS (Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, CMS Made Simple, etc.).


Click on the video image to play; on the blue 'HD' for an HD-size player. Hover to see the video description.


A pure JavaScript solution that can act on standard YouTube and Vimeo links or iframe embeds anywhere in your website. No special mark-up or code changes are required.


CMS examples


Basic video gallery


Imagine that you could simply write :


Now you can !

Enter a YouTube user / channel name :    

id=flapinsky liststyle=true num=5


Free to try; requires a license for use.

Download some example html pages


Note that the popup player works off-line only in FireFox or Chrome, and not Internet Explorer (online it works in all browsers (though Chrome is recommended for the Mac as it can handle all video formats).


The main advantages :

* Far faster page loading

* Better, more compact page layout

* Pop-up players for improved viewing experience

* Customisable colors, widths, display types

* Channel, playlist, favorites or individual videos

* Automatically updated


Pricing and purchase


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