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The license is for a single domain (but includes domains that are simply redirects / duplicates). To negotiate a multi-domain license (or a custom solution), contact us (sales at

All prices are per domain. The price depends on the size of the organisation / single person.

Invoices are available by request. We can send an invoice in advance; simply specify the pay by date (usually same day or next day), (company) name and address (at least the country), website domain, approximate company size and amount.

Instant activation of your domain.

You can try it for free for a maximum of 7 days; once you are happy that it suits your needs, purchase a license for legal use on your website.

Secure payment is via PayPal. No need to be a member; pay with your PayPal account or by debit / credit card.

Kina Video Presenter is effectively a web service. The price is the same whether you use the HTML version or with CMS wrapper (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal). We keep the software up-to-date and offer support. The license applies to a single domain.

There are two ways to pay : a one-time payment, or yearly.

Kina Video Presenter : one-time payment

Prices (USD $) (Updated March 2017):

Single person, non-commercial *29
Single person59
Company / organisation with less than 5 employees99
Company / organisation with less than 10 employees149
Company / organisation with less than 100 employees199
Company / organisation with less than 1000 employees249
Company / organisation with less than 10,000 employees499
Company / organisation with more than 10,000 employees999

* Non-commercial : not related to one's business or profession, and with no advertising on site.

** Size of commercial operation refers to that of the target domain.

Country :

Instant activation, 24 / 7.


Thank you for choosing the Kina Video Presenter

Note that the price is for a single domain (and aliases/mirrors); not all domains that you may own.

For customisations, re-branding, multi-domain licenses, or ISP use, contact us (mail at

* Free upgrades   * Free and fast technical support (365 days / year)

NOTE: YouTube provides ways to embed videos and playlists on your website for free. This software is based on YouTube APIs (data and player) that YouTube offers free of charge. What offers is a solution that transforms those technical APIs into very simple coding that is nicely styled. The same applies for Vimeo. The payment is to and not to YouTube or Vimeo. ~ embed videos with speed, style and simplicity

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