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Food Wishes featured video

[video v=du90n1B-U6M]

Chef John's favorite deserts

[videogallery classic=true columns=12 type=playlist id=PLEA225AA853680CE1 num=12]

Mother's Day recipes

[videogallery classic=true columns=12 type=playlist id=PLF214F1EA1E8406A1 num=12]

Valentine's Day recipes

[videogallery classic=true columns=12 type=playlist id=PL8AC404E84E1AF8F0 num=12]

The ShortCode format (in square brackets) :

videogallery classic=true num=12 columns=12 type=playlist id=PL8AC404E84E1AF8F0

The CSS :

  .CCCH {
    width: 2800px; /* 12 x 250px (our desired thumb width) */
  .CCCG {
    overflow-x: scroll;
    margin: 0px 0px;
  .CCCH .QQY {
    width: 230px !important;
  .QQS2 { /* gallery thumbnail titles */
    color: #911;
  .MMKE2,.QQT,.QQU,.QQV,.QQUU { /* gallery videos' details */
    display: none !important;

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