Video embedding examples

With Kina Video Presenter


Why use Kina Video Presenter ?


* Speed - far faster website page loading

* Easy, and beautiful, video galleries

In this section of the examples, we look at the first advantage with regard to individual videos.

  Fast video loading


Video galleries quick start guide


  Quick Start 1

Various examples of individual videos and video galleries.

This page, with 15 embedded videos, loads in just over 1/2 a second !


  Quick Start 2

Using CSS for custom styling.


  Youtube video player color

Set your desired Youtube video player color with CSS.


  Pre and post video play custom image

Set a branding image ('splash screen') to display before and after a video plays.


  Custom page fade value

Set a custom page fade value during video play.


  Multiple playlists

Video galleries composed of selected video playlists.


  Custom playlists

Video galleries composed of videos from various user channels.


  Youtube playlists

A scrolling classic style video galleries example.

  Preset search

Playlist-like video galleries based on keywords.

  Start and stop times

Start and stop videos at particular times.

  Search selection

Clickable tags make it easy for visitors to find videos.

  Video gallery autoplay - clips (Youtube)

Presents a sequence of video previews.

  Random video

  Video background with loop of a selected part


Feature examples


Demonstrations of various functionality. Available for YouTube and Vimeo (user, channel, playlist, favorites, album, group).

Popular gallery styles

  Swipe slider gallery

  'Classic', 'Brochure' and 'Video Wall' galleries

  Automatic widescreen (two columns)

  Widescreen Video Wall galleries

  Video slideshow galleries

Styling the popup video player and video description tooltips

Styling the popup video player with CSS

Branding the popup video player

Styling the video description tooltips with CSS

Internationalizing labels and dates' language


More examples


Discover some of the ways that you can control how the video thumbnails appear on your website.

  Video thumbnails with colored border styling

  Video thumbnails with custom CSS border styling

  Video thumbnails with custom play image

  Video thumbnails with corner play icons

Also, see how to specify video play icon colors.

  Autoplay video gallery

How to autoplay a video gallery.

  Custom thumbnail / text to popup video player

Discover the simple onclick method.

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