Corner video play icons

It is easy to specify corner video play icons, including which corner.

You can also specify the colors; choose from white, yellow, blue, green and pink. The play icon colors can also apply to the circular, centered play icons.

Video gallery

[videogallery id=foodwishes num=6 classic=true columns=3 corner=topleft]

The shortcode [in square brackets] :

videogallery id=foodwishes num=6 columns=3 corner=topleft



kinaVP.centerplayimage=false; // center play icon -> false


kinaVP.playimagecolor="blue"; // play icon color

kinaVP.playimagecolor2="yellow"; // hover color

kinaVP.UPDATE(); // update settings



[videogallery source=youtube id=FISUTV num=4 columns=1]

Video settings examples

Pricing and purchase

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