Video embedding ShortCodes quick guide

The complete guide to video embedding with simple ShortCodes. Youtube, Vimeo and locally-hosted videos. Individual videos and video galleries.

The individual video ShortCode

As an alternative to an anchor link or iframe embed, there is a ShortCode available for embedding individual YouTube, Vimeo or locally-hosted videos into your WordPress posts and pages.

Example : [video v=1XdShh2rOvU]

Optionally, specify a layout size in terms of columns (1, 2 or 3). The default is columns=2 which means that the video will take up half the available width.

Example : [video v=1XdShh2rOvU columns=2]

It is possible to set start and stop times for an individual video using the ShortCode video

Examples: [video v=vCB1LjOEyY0 start=30 stop=40]

[video v=vCB1LjOEyY0 start=2:30 stop=3:45]

The format is either plain seconds or m:ss; so for 90 minutes, 90:00

Other options include :

Example: [video v=vCB1LjOEyY0 columns=1 widescreen=true]

Specific to locally-hosted videos :
img, title, author, duration

The basic video gallery ShortCode


[videogallery id=foodwishes]

[videogallery id=FISUTV columns=3 num=8]

If unspecified, the number of columns is 2 by default (can be 1, 2, 3 or 4).

num sets the number of videos (per page).


source=youtube  change to vimeo for a Vimeo gallery.

source can also be local or allvideos (or database)

Only the id is essential (and assumes the type is channel – YouTube, or user – Vimeo; otherwise, declare the type explicitly; e.g. playlist, album, etc.).

Optional parameters (and the default values) :


type=channel / user – YouTube / Vimeo (or playlist / favorites – YouTube; or album / group / channel – Vimeo)

columns=2    num=4  (number of videos / ‘page’)

borderwidth=6   bordercolor=fff   showshadows=true

showsearch=true   showpaging=true   filmstyle=false


square=false   rounded=0  (for rounded borders; the radius value)

w=180   (thumbnail width; for square thumbnails; 80 – 180px)


showtags=true  (display the available tags at the end of the gallery)

showvideotags=false  (display each video’s tags)


style=””   (the gallery div style – CSS)

playlists=false   plstyle=””  (div style for the playlists – CSS)


newpage=false  (if true, opens a video in a new page, automatically created)

titleonimage=true (w>=350)

showintros=false  (Show the first line or so of each video description below the video thumbnails)


channelids=””   (for a channel / user / album / playlist change menu) See the ‘multi-channel’ example


q=””  (see the ‘query string’ example)

tag=””  (‘All Videos’ galleries)



classic=false  (video player appears before the gallery)

videowall=false  (tightly-spaced video thumbnails)  animated=true (w<350)

liststyle=false  (video descriptions to the right of the thumbnails)

carousel=false  (a 3-videos-visible circular carousel)

slider=false  (a one-at-a-time circular carousel operated by mouse/finger slide gestures)

brochurestyle=false   c123=false   columns=2
color=   dark=false  (whether the template theme is dark)
bgcolor=    styling=

Other options, such as the play icon colors and whether to display hits and likes, are defined in the plugin parameters and are global.

Additional video gallery ShortCodes

Only the id is essential, assuming that type is channel (Youtube), or user (Vimeo). Edit as required.

YouTube and Vimeo :

[randomvimeo id=scientifantastic type=user]   (Vimeo)

[randomvideo id=foodwishes type=channel]   (YouTube)

[vimeooftheday id=scientifantastic type=user]   (Vimeo)

[videooftheday id=foodwishes type=channel]   (YouTube)

[videoslideshow id=foodwishes type=channel num=10]

[vimeoslideshow id=scientifantastic type=user num=10]

[carouselgallery id=FISUTV type=channel num=10]

[ellipticalgallery id=FISUTV type=channel num=5]

[hovergallery id=ClipTravelWorld type=channel num=12]

Site videos gallery (‘all videos’ / database)

Shows all the videos individually embedded in various pages and posts, or manually added to the database. This gallery allows hit counting and ‘likes’. Videos also can be ‘featured’ by site administrators.

One can choose from the different gallery styles, such as classic, brochure and videowall :

[videogallery id=allvideos num=4 columns=2 classic=true]

For locally-hosted videos, add source=local; for example :

[videogallery id=allvideos source=local num=4 columns=2]

Custom playlists

Give the id as database or allvideos (these are equivalent) and specify the playlist :

[videogallery id=allvideos playlist=MyPlaylist num=8 columns=2]

You can mix YouTube and Vimeo videos.

For locally-hosted videos, add source=local :

[videogallery id=database source=local playlist=MyPlaylist num=8 columns=2]