Vimeo video gallery – show video descriptions

id=gtimage, w=350, num=6, type=user, square=false, liststyle=false, q=, rounded=0, showsearch=true, showpaging=true, showdate=true, filmstyle=false, playlists=false, borderwidth=6, bordercolor=fff, start=, stop=, showshadows=true, brochurestyle=false, 123=false, columns=2, width=auto, color=, dark=false, bgcolor=, plstyle=, channelids=, showdescriptions=, videowall=false, playicons=true, hover=false, classic=false, classiclist=false, carousel=false, slider=false, slider2=false, featured=, tag=, height=279, showtags=false, showvideotags=false, source=vimeo, styling=, newpage=false, playicons=true, animated=, titleonimage=, widescreen=, bw=, playlist=, style=, orderby=, hideplayer=true, sintro=true, startat=, autoplay=false, transition=scroll, duration=800, interval=7500, smallthumbs=false, nothumbs=false, loop=false, shuffle=false

The ShortCode :

[videogallery source=vimeo id=gtimage num=6 columns=2 showintros=true]

The CSS :

/* All details */
.TI {
  color:#666; font-style:italic;
/* Title */
div .TI2 {
  font-style:normal; padding-bottom:6px; font-size:19px; line-height:22px; color:#111;

The ‘Basic Style’ video gallery presents the videos in a similar style to individual videos. You can select a single or multi-column layout, and also, as shown here, whether to display the first part of the video description. This example demonstrates how the video gallery can be easily styled with CSS. Youtube, Vimeo or locally-hosted videos.