Individual videos (large) – title on hover


The text for this page :

[video v=8ttSBO0SnsU] [video v=Wtgg6hDYfWs] [video v=vCB1LjOEyY0]

[video v=vCB1LjOEyY0] is equivalent to [video v=vCB1LjOEyY0 columns=1]
(the default for columns is 1 for individual videos).

The CSS (for title overlay only on hover) :

  .QQQB {opacity:0;}
  .QQQB:hover {opacity:1;}

The script (for fade in / out; uses jQuery; optional) :


By default, individual video embeds take the full width of their container (usually the post or page); that is, single column. When single column, the video titles are shown on the video poster images. This example demonstrates how to show the video title only on hover. Youtube, Vimeo or locally-hosted videos.