About Kina Video Presenter

Kina Video Presenter can run on any website as the core engine is Javascript. The core engine includes ShortCodes that will work in any HTML or PHP page and it can also automatically (in real-time) translate existing video URLs, links and video embeds (while never changing your source text).

There are plugins / modules for WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, though the WordPress plugin is the most advanced. The WordPress plugin exists in three forms : the full version (which includes a database to record hits and likes, and lets you create an ‘All Videos’ source for video galleries and custom playlists.

Kina Video Presenter helps you achieve extremely fast page load times, approaching just half a second, even for dozens of videos.

With ‘play-in-place’, cool HTML5 popup players (including HD), and full-screen options, simple choices for borders and play-icons, and the ability to employ custom CSS, Kina Video Presenter lets you achieve the style you desire, easily, across platforms and browsers. There are many video gallery styles that you can use, including slideshows.

Kina Video Presenter works with YouTube, Vimeo and locally-hosted videos.

Kina Video Presenter is fully responsive and works across all platforms (mobile, tablet and desktop).

We have designed our software to cater to two markets at the same time – people who want simple customisation options, and those who want extensive design control via CSS and JavaScript; we think we hit both targets.

This is a product you can depend on. And you can rely on us to keep it up to date, and be there when you have a question or feature requirement.

Kina Video Presenter – tomorrow’s web, today.