123 Brochure Style video gallery

Food Wishes
Fitness Daily
id=foodwishes, w=350, num=9, type=channel, square=false, liststyle=false, q=, rounded=0, showsearch=true, showpaging=true, showdate=true, filmstyle=false, playlists=false, borderwidth=6, bordercolor=fff, start=, stop=, showshadows=true, brochurestyle=true, 123=true, columns=2, width=auto, color=629, dark=false, bgcolor=, plstyle=, channelids=, showdescriptions=, videowall=false, playicons=true, hover=false, classic=false, classiclist=false, carousel=false, slider=false, slider2=false, featured=, tag=, height=279, showtags=false, showvideotags=false, source=, styling=, newpage=false, playicons=true, animated=, titleonimage=, widescreen=, bw=, playlist=, style=, orderby=, hideplayer=true, sintro=false, startat=, autoplay=false, transition=scroll, duration=800, interval=7500, smallthumbs=false, nothumbs=false, loop=false, shuffle=false

The ShortCode:

[videogallery brochurestyle=true id=foodwishes c123=true num=9]

The first (most recent) video is full width, followed by two videos at half width, with any further wideos at three across. Hence, suitable values for num are 3, 6, 9, 12, …

Changing channel:


The first parameter is the div id – “g_”+the initial content id

The second parameter is the new content id

The third parameter is the content type (e.g. “channel”, “playlist”, etc.)

When the source is Vimeo, use VupdateGalleryId

The Brochure Style video gallery is a magazine-like layout that includes the video description. The first part of the video descripion is displayed straight away with a ‘more’ link for sliding into view the rest. Youtube, Vimeo and locally-hosted videos.

The ‘123’ option begins with one video at full width (single column), then two videos at half width (two columns) with all other videos at three across. One can add further styling with CSS.