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A high quality presence on the internet is essential for any business and presents you to the world.

Our websites are based on the world-renowned WordPress CMS, so you can easily edit and add content by yourself – and add new features. These are websites that can grow with your business. Naturally, we are here to assist at some future date if required (free if stuck with something simple; affordable if need an enhancement or fix).

You get everything you see on this example site (that you want) – FAQ, Contact Us form, map, etc. You can add your content by yourself or let us do it (hence the variable price; it partly would also depend on the number of product / services that you wish to highlight).

There are also many ShortCodes that you can use to style your content, such as we have done here, and below with the three ‘features’ boxes.

You can try out some basic styling live and let us know what you would like as the default style. You are not restricted to those example colors – be as specific as you like. Similarly, you can specify changes to fonts, spacings, corners, background images, etc.

All our websites are responsive, which means they look great on all devices – desktop, tablet and mobile – and feature a ‘clean’, modern design.

If you already have a website – for example, in HTML or a blog page somewhere else (Blogspot, Facebook, etc.), we can import that content for you if you wish.

Ideal for the self-employed / sole trader and small businesses.

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Highlights (styles)

There are many preset styles. You can edit these and create your own.

Buttons, messages and highlights are detailed in our user’s guide.





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Full width template (no sidebar)

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Image Galleries

p1View Misha’s Gallery

Misha loves travel photography and has traveled widely getting just the right picture …

p1View Sasha’s Gallery

Sasha loves loves to photograph where there is water – fountains, lakes, oceans …


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