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Embed YouTube and Vimeo videos in your website with style, and far faster web page loading, with
Kina Video Presenter


Automatically updated

Works on any website

HTML5 video players

Beautiful popup lightbox video players

Fully responsive layout

Customisable with CSS

22 video gallery styles

Video slider / carousel

Vimeo, Youtube and local videos

Desktop, tablet and mobile

Simple ShortCodes (even on HTML)

Super-fast page loading

Fast and beautiful video is as easy as ...


Link to our javascript file

Your existing videos will now load far faster and both look and play much nicer. If you have only standard iframe individual videos and do not need a video gallery, job done !


Select a video gallery style

Then try different styling options to customize (optional). It is very easy with our live-update shortcode customizer. Try it below. You can set it to a user / channel of your choice.


Place the video gallery on your website

Just remember to place the shortcode [inside square brackets] like this. It will automatically size itself. You can have any number of video galleries.

The world's simplest yet most versatile video embedding solution.

Easy and elegant video galleries

Gallery styles :
classic=true, source=youtube, id=foodwishes, type=channel, c123=true, num=6, columns=3, hideplayer=true, playlists=false
Change channel :  
Food Wishes
Lounge Studio
Fitness Daily
GT Image (Vimeo)

Quick customisation - shortcode options

Float this panel




  black / inherit
  blue   (#26a)
  cyan   (#28b)
  green   (#394)
  olive   (#681)
  orange   (#c72)
  brown   (#941)
  pink   (#f77)
  red   (#b33)
  purple   (#a4a)
  lilac   (#85a)

columns=   (most gallery styles)

1 *

* Basic, compact and videowall gallery styles

showsearch=   (most gallery styles)


showpaging=   (most gallery styles)






details=   (duration, date, views)


tooltips=   (popup descriptions)


widescreen=   (some gallery styles)


hideplayer=   (some gallery styles)


num=   (any number is possible)






transition=   (slider style gallery)


c123=   (brochure style gallery)


playlists=   (some gallery styles)


playercolor=   (Youtube)


Scroll to video gallery

The current ShortCode   [copy and paste between square brackets] :

videogallery source=youtube id=LoungeVstudio type=channel classic=true num=6 columns=3 playlists=true hideplayer=false

Try right now with your own videos

Enter a Youtube channel or playlist ID (not display name *) :
Or enter a Vimeo user ID (not display name *) :

* For example, the Studio Lounge ID is LoungeVstudio
You can also use the long ID that starts with 'UC' (User Channel) or 'PL' (PlayList)

Shortcode options

The Basic style video gallery ShortCode [in square brackets] :

videogallery id=foodwishes num=12 columns=3

For the other gallery styles, add the following :

style=hover | videowall | classic hideplayer=true | classic2 hideplayer=true | list | classiclist | classiclist2 | flip | slider | slider2 | slider3 | square | compact | scroller | scroller2 | carousel | masonry | brochure c123=true | minimal | slideshow

With Youtube, you can specify a playlist or favorites by adding a type= clause. For example :

videogallery type=playlist id=PL633944071375 num=12   [in square brackets]

For Vimeo, add a source=vimeo clause. For example :

videogallery source=vimeo id=outdoorresearch num=12   [in square brackets]

With Vimeo, you can also add a type=channel | album | group clause.

You may also add the following to the video gallery shortcode :

  showsearch=false     showpaging=false     showviews=false   spacing=large     titlesize=large
  titlecolor=red | pink | purple | blue | olive | cyan | green | orange | lilac | brown | #xxx
  background=default | transparent | white | gray | #xxx
  borderwidth=6     bordercolor=fff   showshadows=true
  showintros=true   the first line of the video description (basic gallery)
  playlists=true   shows the available playlists below the gallery (Youtube only, basic gallery)
  widescreen=true     tooltips=false  the popup video descriptions
  playiconcolor=white | yellow | green | blue | pink
  corner=center | topleft | topright | bottomleft | bottomright   for the play icons
  details=false   hides the duration, author, date and views

Options for the slider gallery styles

transition=scroll | cover | uncover | crossfade | none    (the default is scroll)
duration=800    (in milliseconds, of each transition)
interval=7500    (in milliseconds, between auto transitions)

Some of the gallery styles - for example, carousel - default to single column basic gallery style on mobile devices for optimal user experience.

Video and today's web

Video is an essential part of today's websites - in all sectors. However, video can slow your website page load time considerably; and that is bad for your visitors, and for SEO.

With Kina Video Presenter you can have super-fast page loading and beautifully styled video embedding that your visitors - and the search engines - will love.

Kina Video Presenter is designed to be very easy to use, with flexible ShortCodes for videos and video galleries. It also works with your existing individual video embeds (links or iframes).

Kina Video Presenter works with Youtube, Vimeo and locally hosted videos. It is fully responsive, has many options and is also easily styled with CSS.

Look your best on the web and make the most of your video content. Kina Video Presenter is the ideal video solution for all types of website - business, arts, advertising, e-commerce, film-making, blog and news sites, travel, adventure, DIY, craft and tutorial sites ...

Individual videos

[video v=Bvlxzcgrn0g]

Our video embedding solution transforms standard YouTube and Vimeo links or iframe video embeds anywhere in your website; no special mark-up is required and your source code is not changed in any way.

ShortCodes are also available, for any CMS or plain PHP / ASP / HTML pages. Using the shortcode allows you to set extra options to control the appearance and operation of the video.

The shortcode for the video above [in square brackets] : video v=dBDcuh-YFCs

This is equivalent to :

video v=dBDcuh-YFCs columns=1 autoplay=false widescreen=false borderwidth=0 bordercolor=fff description=false related=false start= stop= title="" description=""

title="" allows you to set an alternative video title.

description="" allows you to set an alternative video description.

  Individual videos shortcode options example

You can specify video start and / or stop times in the shortcode, like this (mm:ss) :

video v=dBDcuh-YFCs start=1:35 stop=2:40

Individual videos, two columns


The code :  

<div>[vidoo v=O1URbBgawRI columns=2][vidoo v=tHmeZo9yPA columns=2]</div>

(change vidoo to video)


Try it today : CMS plugin modules


Free to try for 7 days; requires a license for use beyond that.


Kina Video Presenter - CMS Plugin Modules

We have developed plugin modules for the most popular CMS systems. Installing a plugin module converts links and iframes to fast-loading thumbnails in articles. The module also allows video galleries that you can position into a Drupal 'block', WordPress 'widget' position, or Joomla 'module' position. And with ShortCodes you can embed both videos and video galleries into your articles with ease.

The plugin modules also allow a video gallery that shows all the videos that have been individually embedded in your site, with paging and search, hits and likes (automatically updated).

The WordPress plugin also lets you create custom playlists with an easy to use drag and drop functionality.

Premium plugin solutions and high quality service from the video experts.


Try it today : PHP / ASP / HTML


Download some examples (about 50)

Note that the popup player works off-line only in FireFox or Chrome, and not Internet Explorer (online it works in all browsers. Chrome is our recommended browser.

Examples from the zip file :

Classic and Brochure style video galleries (Vimeo)

Classic and Brochure style video galleries (YouTube)

Video Wall style video galleries (1 to 4 columns; Vimeo)

Video Wall style video galleries (1 to 4 columns; YouTube)

Slideshow, video gallery and individual videos

From only
USD $19 / $39
Free upgrades, forever




Pre-sale question? Stuck with a CSS issue? We are here to help ...


Free to try


Simply add this one line to your page(s) :

<script src="//www.embed-videos.com/jslib.js"></script>

If you have jQuery already, use (after jQuery) :

<script src="//www.embed-videos.com/jslib-nojq.js"></script>

If you don't need a slider, carousel or slideshow gallery style, or you already have CarouFredSel, use (after jQuery) :

<script src="//www.embed-videos.com/jslib-lite.js"></script>

Individual videos will be transformed automatically, no rewriting needed.

Video galleries only require a one line shortcode, even on HTML pages.

A bare-bones example video gallery page

A bare-bones example of individual videos (shortcode and iframe)


You can try the web service free for 7 days. When you are satisfied that it meets your needs, a one-off payment can be made which covers one domain and removes the link back.


Pricing and purchase


Prices from only USD $19 (non-commercial) / $39 (commercial) - single person (one-off payment).

Yearly (from USD $ 12 / 25) payment is also possible.

The license is for a single host domain.

The solution is super-fast, which is important for SEO, and has virtually zero impact on your server load.

Everything included, no need to buy 'add-ons'

Free upgrades, forever

Automatic upgrades

No keys or app registration required

Free support that never expires


Pricing and purchase

Secure payment by debit / credit card or PayPal account.

Instant activation, 24 / 7.

365 days support (generally, 12 noon - 12 midnight, GMT).


Custom solutions


Embed-videos.com is able to provide customised solutions and complete websites.

Here is one example :

Travel video guide

Contact solutions at embed-videos.com


Fast loading video pages


  View examples

First is standard video embedding. The left-hand menu lets you skip to another example. Compare the startling difference in page load time, and also the improved page layout and enhanced viewing experience with our popup video player.


Our professional video embedding solution has a pure JavaScript core engine, so it works with any CMS (or simple HTML pages). There are plugin modules for WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.


Video galleries quick start guide


  Quick Start : video in HTML

Various examples of individual videos and video galleries.

This page, with 15 embedded videos, loads in just over 1/2 a second !


  Quick Start : video in HTML 2

Using CSS for custom styling.


  The global options shortcode

Easily set play icon colors and position, player color and tooltips.


  Youtube video player color

Set your desired Youtube video player color with CSS.


  Pre and post video play custom image

Set a branding image ('splash screen') to display before and after a video plays.


  Custom page fade value

Set a custom page fade value during video play.


  Custom selected playlists

Video galleries composed of selected video playlists.


  Custom playlists

Video galleries composed of videos from various user channels.


  Youtube playlists

A scrolling classic style video galleries example.

  Preset search

Playlist-like video galleries based on keywords.

  Start and stop times

Start and stop videos at particular times.

  Search selection (Youtube)

Clickable tags make it easy for visitors to find videos.

  Search selection (Vimeo)

Clickable tags make it easy for visitors to find videos.

  Video gallery autoplay - clips (Youtube)

Presents a sequence of video previews.

  Video gallery autoplay - clips (Vimeo)

Presents a sequence of video previews.

  Random video (Youtube)

  Random video (Vimeo)

  Video background with loop of a selected part


Feature examples


Demonstrations of various functionality. Available for YouTube and Vimeo (user, channel, playlist, favorites, album, group).

Popular gallery styles


  Swipe slider gallery

  'Classic', 'Brochure' and 'Video Wall' galleries

  Automatic widescreen (single column)


  Swipe slider gallery

  'Classic', 'Brochure' and 'Video Wall' galleries

  Automatic widescreen (two columns)

More Vimeo examples

  Vimeo video embedding and video gallery examples

Styling the popup video player and video description tooltips

Styling the popup video player with CSS

Branding the popup video player

Styling the video description tooltips with CSS

Internationalizing labels and dates' language


More examples


Discover some of the ways that you can control how the video thumbnails appear on your website.

  Video thumbnails with colored border styling

  Video thumbnails with no border styling

  Video thumbnails with custom CSS border styling

  Video thumbnails with custom play image

  Video thumbnails with corner play icons

Also, see how to specify video play icon colors.

  Grouping videos for sequential play

How to use this feature so that the videos within each group play one after another. The 'travel' section on this page is an example.

  Full width video

How to specify a full width video; for example, as a page header.

  Autoplay video gallery (Vimeo)

How to autoplay a video gallery.

  Autoplay video gallery (Youtube)

How to autoplay a video gallery.

  Custom thumbnail / text to popup video player

Discover the simple onclick method.


Example websites

A few example websites running Kina Video Presenter ...

Travel videos Individual videos (Youtube and Vimeo).

Business / technology videos Multiple Youtube playlists.

Advertising / marketing videos Vimeo gallery.

Arts / theater videos Vimeo gallery.

Political comment videos Youtube gallery.

Lots more examples


There are many more examples in our WordPress section. Nearly all of the shortcodes demonstrated there will work in HTML pages just the same. Only the examples that refer to a video database are WordPress only.

More video embedding examples


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Videos by URL


See the YouTube and Vimeo videos at any URL

Input any URL to see the videos in a fast-loading gallery.


Website design


Basic 'brochure style' websites - inexpensive, yet stylish and feature packed

Fantastic websites from the team at embed-videos.com - whether you need video or not.

Kina Video Presenter ~ "It simply works !"